Door County, Wisconsin, USA Sister City Jingdezhen, China
Jingdezhen lies in the northeastern section of Jiangxi Province in China. It is said that the porcelain made there is... "as white as jade, as thin as paper, as sound as a bell and as bright as a mirror." Pottery was first made during the Han Dynasty. Later, in the first year of the Jingde Reign of the Song Dynasty (1004), the royal court decreed that the city make porcelain wares for imperial use. “Made during the Jingde Reign,” was printed on the bottom of each piece. Hence the city got its name, “Jingdezhen.”
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Door County is located on a peninsula in the northeast corner of Wisconsin in the USA. With more than 300 miles of natural shoreline and a thriving arts community it has become one of America's most desired tourist destinations. Door County is also known for its industries that include ship and fine yacht building.

In 2005 Door County and Jingdezhen officially became sister communities. In support of that relationship, to improve communications and develop greater empathy I provide... China Bright, blogging the good news about China.

Center for International Business Education and Research (CIBER), Business School, UW-Madison
Door County Economic Development Corporation
International Programs, Business School, UW-Madison
Jingdezhen City Official Web site

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China Law Blog focuses on business law in China. It is written by Dan Harris, an international lawyer based in the United States and Steve Dickinson, an international lawyer based in China. Dan and Steve are both members of Harris & Moure, pllc, a boutique International Law Firm. serves its members as a B2B portal and has dedicated itself to provide professional support and assistance, connecting global buyers with China Suppliers.

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Yi Jianlian Central, blogging on the Milwaukee Bucks’ new 7-foot rookie player. Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barret  declared Oct. 7 'Yi Jianlian Day' to the loud applause of the Chinese basketball player's fans.

Learning to gracefully exist in Chinese Culture includes learning...
10 Things Never To Do in China.

One thing To Do is begin learning some basic phrases in Mandarin. Chinese is a tonal language, meaning that the same word may mean four different things depending on the tone you apply to the pronunciation. Therefore, it is important to hear the phrases when you begin... 

Learning to speak Chinese:

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Chinese Idioms or Chengyu are short sayings usually consisting of four characters. Unless you know the story and its common usage, a Chengyu will sound like random nonsense. Here are some Chengyu stories, as taught to chinese students, with pinyin and chinese annotation.
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Hanyu Online sponsored by the Office of Chinese Language Council International of the People's Republic of China & East China Normal University (ECNU)

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Skype is a little piece of software that lets you talk over the Internet to anyone else who has Skype, anywhere in the world... for free. With Skype, you can study any language by talking to native speakers who want to learn English at:

Chinese Music Videos, especially the ones that feature subtitles in English, are a great way to learn to speak the language while enjoying a bit of Chinese pop culture. Here's our current collection on YouTube:

There is only one time zone all across China. Use the Timeticker to see what time of day it is in China and anywhere else on Earth.

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